Kingdom Friendship

What is a Kingdom Friendship?

Kingdom Friendships is a relatively new initiative that creates partnerships between Canadian churches and Wycliffe projects worldwide. In our case, this is a relationship between Bethany Chapel and Wycliffe Thai Foundation, an organization that is involved in scripture use, Bible translation, literacy, and mobilizing the local church as well as missionaries from the local and surrounding areas.  Bethany’s involvement in this will enable Wycliffe Thai to extend their reach into these project areas by providing them additional resources, prayer, support and sharing of ideas.  Kingdom Friendships, once executed, provides the framework for short-term missions to have long-term impact and measurable results. 


The Kingdom Friendship team continues to work with Wycliffe Thailand to explore opportunities where individuals and teams might engage with the excellent work being done to reach the lost for Christ. Please continue to pray for the Bethany's Kingdom Friendship team as well as those who serve together in Thailand.

Please contact Lyle Simpson if you have any questions about our Kingdom Friendship at surfnslopes (at) or 403-701-9090.

 The team from Bethany visiting Wycliffe Thailand July 2018

The team from Bethany visiting Wycliffe Thailand July 2018

  THAILAND ESL TEAM - July 6-28, 2018

THAILAND ESL TEAM - July 6-28, 2018

What's Happening?

Farewell Saro & Ying: Our visiting students, Saro & Ying, head back home to Thailand at the end of September. Join us for a special farewell time on Sunday, September 23rd following the 10:45 AM service as we celebrate their time with us.

You may contact them directly, individually or together, at Saro: 587-429-8757 or mansaneb (at), or Ying 587-500-2717 or js.genesis12 (at)

From Ying: Please pray for... 

1. My English Language study, that I will become fluent.

2. The nation where God will use me as a Bible Translator.

3. For God to provide a partner of this mission in prayer and financial support.

From Saro: I have two prayer requests...

1. Please pray that the Lord will clearly show me a people group He wants me to go to.

2. That He will prepare everything I need, such as wisdom to learn a new language, and people who will work with me and support me financially. 

Thailand Trips


The Thailand ESL trip was July 6 - 28, 2018 including the following team members: Bruce & Fiona Raddatz, Sheila Schuman, Tanja Hurlbert, David Hagopian, Valerie Andrusiak, Charys Russell. 

For information contact Bruce Raddatz at bpraddatz (at) or at 403-259-4800.

Short-term mission trip 2017

There was a team in Thailand in June 2017 helping with an ESL camp with Wycliffe Thailand. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

Read from the Thailand team at

2016 Wycliffe Thai Internship 

Thomas Unrau, a member of Bethany Chapel, went on a six-month internship to Thailand in 2016.

 Bethany Chapel 2016 Vision Trip

 Bethany Chapel sent a small team over to Thailand on a vision trip April 21-May 2, 2016.