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At Home and Abroad

In response to the command of Christ to “Go into all the world...”, Bethany Chapel has always been keenly interested in mission work, at home and abroad. Though Bethany Chapel recognizes that missions work begins at home and seeks to encourage each Christian to be involved, it also seeks to encourage vision and action that sends her members to the four corners of the world as part of fulfilling Jesus Christ’s Great Commission mandate. 

Download the 2016 Bethany Missions Workers Prayer Directory.

Missions Committee

It is the purpose of the Missions Committee, under the leadership of the Elders, to encourage obedience to this command in the daily life of the congregation. The Missions Committee is responsible for making known various opportunities of service, for evaluating those who express an interest, and for assessing how Bethany Chapel can continue to support those actively serving in missions. The Committee is accountable to inform the congregation of the work being done so that we may all give praise to God for His work. 

Feel free to contact the Missions Committee members:

  • Kirstyn Mackie (Chair)
  • Arlene Cummins
  • Wendi DuChene
  • Lyle Simpson
  • Chelsea Thiessen
  • Matthew Uponi
  • Ferne Watson

Short Term Mission Experiences

Short-term mission experiences are an important part of the ministry of Bethany Chapel. From time-to-time, we sponsor short term mission experiences to different locations to bless both the participants and recipients of ministry. 

These experiences promote spiritual growth, provide education about missions in general, and provide opportunities for Christian service and potentially challenge participants to consider God’s calling on their life. The experiences also provide a unique and lasting opportunity to build and experience community among those that participate.


For more on Bethany's Missions ministry, please contact Kirstyn at missions (at)


The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart from generation to generation.
— Ps. 33:11

Missions Conference

changing landscapes

Historical. Geographical. Political. Social. Technological. Generational. Foundational.

Join us October 20-22, 2017 with guests: Bob & Yo Artz, Wycliffe Thai Foundation.

Download Missions Conference Brochure (PDF)

  • Friday, October 20
    6:00 PM Dinner Provided
    6:30 PM Passport to Missions Event
    • Get your passport stamped as you travel through missions experiences.
    • Free event, everyone welcome!
    • E-mail by 5 PM Wednesday, October 18 to reserve your tickets and pay for them at the door. 
  • Saturday, October 21
    Changing Landscapes: Missions Workshop and "Taste of Thailand" Lunch
    9:30 AM - 2:30 PM
    • Bring your toughest questions on the changing world of missions for interaction with our panels of experts. Choose from a variety of topics throughout the day including our changing world, supporting our missionaries, and more about our Kingdom Friendships initiative in Thailand.
    • E-mail by 5 PM Wednesday, October 18 to reserve your tickets and pay for them at the door. 
  • Sunday, October 22
    10:45 AM - 2 PM
    • You're invited to our Worship Celebration Service with special guest speaker: Bob Artz, Wycliffe Thai Foundation.
    • Cultural Potluck following the morning service. Bring a unique ethnic dish that is traditional to your heritage, or from a country you've visited. Hot dishes can be left in the kitchen prior to the service to be kept warm. If possible, label your dish with the name and country it's from.

Kingdom Friendship


The Kingdom Friendship team continues to work with Wycliffe Thailand to explore opportunities where individuals and teams might engage with the excellent work being done to reach the lost for Christ. Please continue to pray for the Bethany's Kingdom Friendship team as well as those who serve together in Thailand.

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Mission Workers

  • Jorge & Gail Atiencia - Colombia
  • Mick & Caroline Brown - Canada
  • Janet Haight - Burkina Faso
  • Vanessa Kordupel - Calgary
  • Diane Stinton - Vancouver and Nairobi
  • Sharon Tully - Calgary
  • Heather Webber - Calgary
  • Christine Woods - Alberta
  • Amy - Middle East
  • Jon & Kendra Rendall - Quadra Island

Download the 2016 Bethany Missions Workers Prayer Directory.