Elders Corner

Members and friends of Bethany Chapel,

For those who were able to join us this past Sunday to hear the Elders discernment regarding Women and Men in Ministry and Leadership (WMML), we want to thank you. This is a crucial time for our church, as we seek to clarify our beliefs and practise in preparation for the call of a new Lead Pastor and the future of Bethany Chapel. It is of utmost importance to us to preserve the unity of the Spirit even though our preference and practice in this matter may vary.

There are two main positions for the theory and practice of WMML in evangelical churches today. One is traditional/complementarian and the other is egalitarian. To briefly summarize both positions:

  • The traditional/complementarian position believes that men and women are equal in value and worth, but they have different roles and/or functions in ministry and leadership.

  • The egalitarian position believes that men and women are equal in value and worth, and there are no role distinctions in ministry and leadership for men and women.

The Elders recognize that both the traditional/complementarian and egalitarian positions are biblically defensible, and that God is blessing churches who hold either position.

For those of you who were unable to attend this past Sunday, you may pick up the relevant hardcopy documents at the Information Desk or Main Office:

  • A Biblical Study of Women and Men in Ministry and Leadership (2019). This paper articulates an egalitarian biblical perspective regarding WMML.

  • Bethany Chapel – Women and Men in Ministry and Leadership (2019). Elders’ Discernment With Recommendations

  • Women and Men in Ministry and Leadership: Study by Bethany Chapel Working Group. A Summary Paper Submitted to the Elders of Bethany Chapel. September 2018.

Also available, is the Elders 1995 document that has defined the church’s traditional position on WMML entitled:

  • Summary Interpretation of Three Key Passages Concerning the Public Ministry of Women. A Summary Paper by the Elders of Bethany Chapel. June 1995. This paper articulates a traditional/complementarian position regarding WMML.

To receive e-copies of all the above, please contact Steve Marston at steve(at)

The Elders have recommended that the membership consider adopting an egalitarian position for WMML, however, we humbly remain in a posture of listening to you, the congregation. Please study relevant materials, and be in prayer, as we look to the future of Bethany Chapel and pursue our vision. With this intent, we invite you to a time of clarification and discernment.

Please plan to join us for one of the following sessions, all held in the Fellowship Room at the church:

Friday, February 8, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Saturday, February 9, 9:30am – 11:00am (childcare available)

Sunday, February 10, 6:30pm – 8:00pm

This will be a time of sharing, listening to one another, and prayer.

Your servants,

The Elders





Over the past number of months, the Elders have been prayerfully studying the matter of Women and Men in Ministry and Leadership (WMML) at Bethany Chapel. We invite you to join us on Sunday evening, January 27, from 6:30 – 8:00 PM, when we will share important information about the Elder’s discernment to date. Also available will be relevant Biblical study material on the topic of WMML, and the report of the study group – struck by the Elders – that met over last summer to study this important matter.

Two weeks later, on the weekend of February 8–10, you will have opportunity to come with any questions you have regarding the Elders’ discernment, and the accompanying reports and Biblical study.

We are providing three separate opportunities so that your schedules may be accommodated. The WMML discussion times will be held in the Fellowship Room as follows:

  • Friday, February 8, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

  • Saturday, February 9, 9:30 - 11:00 AM (Childcare provided for this session).

  • Sunday, February 10, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Lead Pastor Search Committee Update

The Senior Pastor Search Committee has been prayerfully considering the qualifications and character of the pastor God is calling to Bethany. As we met, we discussed changing the title for this position from Senior Pastor to Lead Pastor. We felt that ‘senior’ is an indicator of age and suggests a hierarchical structure among the Pastoral Staff. We consider the word ‘lead’ to be less hierarchical and more reflective of the role they will play, as the Pastoral Staff works together as a team. It also describes the character of a pastor who, along with the Elders, will lead us in fulfilling our vision of Opening Doors to God’s Truth and Love. This adjustment in title, from Senior Pastor to Lead Pastor, was recently recommended by the SPSC to the Elders, who unanimously endorsed the proposal.

The Senior Pastor Search Committee will now be referred to as the Lead Pastor Search Committee (LPSC); our email address is Our previous email address will continue to remain active for a period of time. We sincerely value and invite your thoughts and responses to this change, as well as to the question: What are you looking for in our next Lead Pastor? Thank you for your ongoing commitment to pray for the future leadership of Bethany Chapel.



Senior Pastor Search Committee

Senior Pastor Search Committee

Thank you for your prayers and support as we received several nominations for the Senior Pastor Search Committee (SPSC). The team will lead the design and execution of a Senior Pastor search process and also be available for attendees to be engaged in the process. Your prayers are appreciated specifically for these people as they give their time and use their God-given gifts on the committee:

Margie Stinton (Chair) has served Bethany in a variety of ministries including Women Together, the Women’s Advisory Committee, the Nursery and as chairperson of the Transition Advisory Committee. Margie is trained as an RN and was employed as Pastoral Care Coordinator for 7 years; she and her husband Don co-lead a Connecting Group. Margie directed camp at Alberta Pioneer for 20 years, she currently is the Vice-chair of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Board of Directors and the mother of four adult daughters and grandmother to 9 grandchildren.

Barry Lappin and his wife Connie have been attending Bethany since 2003. Barry has been involved with the worship team, Alpha course, ESL and co-leading connecting groups. Barry has participated as a Board member for a number of non-profit organizations including Chairman for World Missions Fellowship Canada.

Rob Ypma is a Human Resources professional who has found his passion in Employee and Leadership Development and Team Effectiveness. He’s currently consulting in this space and teaching part-time with SAIT’s School of Business. He and his wife, Whitney, have an energetic 5 year old boy and a feisty 2 year old girl. Over the years, Rob has served in a number of ministry capacities, and his favourites have been leading small groups and a young adult ministry.

Annie Taylor - Developing a closer friendship with Jesus has been a gift that I treasure and am grateful for. Over the years, I’ve had opportunities to serve in various church ministries including the following: Alpha, Children’s Ministry, Nursery, Small Group Facilitation, Camp Counselling, Youth Ministry, and Prayer teams. I am married to Patrick and we have 4 sons: Levi, Ben, Luke, and Jacob (aged 2-10). I am a teacher by vocation, and am currently homeschooling our boys.

Vanessa Kordupel moved from Northern Ontario to work as a campus minister with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 7 years ago. She has been serving at Bethany as a greeter, on the host team, and in the nursery, as well as attends a connecting group. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, making new friends, catching a good hockey game with her family, and spending time with her adorable niece and nephew.

Carmen Dool has attended Bethany since 1996, serving in numerous ministries including Women Together, AWANA, greeter, and coordinator of the Audio / Visual Support Team since 2000. She has participated in choir, cook teams, and a Connecting Group over the years and recently served on the Women and Men in Ministry and Leadership Study Group. Carmen has her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and is currently working at Samaritan’s Purse Canada. She’s married to Dwayne and has two adult sons.

Chris Lock and wife Carolyn have attended Bethany since 1973 except for time spent in the US from 1983-87. Small group leader and deacon for many years. Directed Camp Okotoks and served on the camp board for 20 years or so. President of Sojourners Camp and Wilderness Society. Chair at Servants Anonymous Society from 2001-2005. Passionate about the future of Bethany Chapel and us realizing our potential and calling.

Kevin McDonald and his wife Sherry have attended Bethany for 37 years. In addition to serving as an Elder, Kevin leads a Connecting Group, sings on the Worship Team and previously served on the Transition Advisory Committee. He is a retired Chartered Professional Accountant with experience in the areas of finance and human resources, including the design, implementation and management of many searches. Kevin and Sherry serve as volunteer hosts at the Focus On The Family Retreat Centre in Priddis. They have three children (two are married) and two grandchildren.