At Bethany Chapel an Elder must display the spiritual qualifications and character as outlined in 1 Timothy 3: 1-7 and Titus 1: 5-10. They must have a sense of God’s calling and possess the confidence of the congregation. We are pleased to present Stephen Chuang as a candidate for Elder.

We would appreciate receiving your comments by either speaking to one of the current Elders, sending us an e-mail (elders (at) or by dropping a note in Russell Watt’s mailbox. Thank you in advance for your response.

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Stephen Chuang

Stephen was born in Hong Kong and grew up attending an Anglican church, his mother being a second-generation Christian from China. He left home at age 17 to finish high school in Ontario. He then attended the University of Calgary and graduated with a business degree.

While attending university, Stephen was very involved with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (“IVCF”) which had a significant impact in his life and led to his recommitment to Christ. He also met his wife, Mariette, at an IVCF’s Christmas camp for international students in Banff.

Over the many years that Bethany has been their home-church, Stephen and Mariette served together in various capacities including Sunday School, the Library, Camp Okotoks, an ESL Bible Study, and a Cook Team.

Stephen also served on the Missions Committee and was a deacon until March 2018 after finishing his two terms.

Stephen and Mariette have two daughters, Celine and Danielle, who now work and live in Vancouver.

Stephen is a commercial banker by profession.