Members and friends of Bethany Chapel,

For those who were able to join us this past Sunday to hear the Elders discernment regarding Women and Men in Ministry and Leadership (WMML), we want to thank you. This is a crucial time for our church, as we seek to clarify our beliefs and practise in preparation for the call of a new Lead Pastor and the future of Bethany Chapel. It is of utmost importance to us to preserve the unity of the Spirit even though our preference and practice in this matter may vary.

There are two main positions for the theory and practice of WMML in evangelical churches today. One is traditional/complementarian and the other is egalitarian. To briefly summarize both positions:

  • The traditional/complementarian position believes that men and women are equal in value and worth, but they have different roles and/or functions in ministry and leadership.

  • The egalitarian position believes that men and women are equal in value and worth, and there are no role distinctions in ministry and leadership for men and women.

The Elders recognize that both the traditional/complementarian and egalitarian positions are biblically defensible, and that God is blessing churches who hold either position.

For those of you who were unable to attend this past Sunday, you may pick up the relevant hardcopy documents at the Information Desk or Main Office:

  • A Biblical Study of Women and Men in Ministry and Leadership (2019). This paper articulates an egalitarian biblical perspective regarding WMML.

  • Bethany Chapel – Women and Men in Ministry and Leadership (2019). Elders’ Discernment With Recommendations

  • Women and Men in Ministry and Leadership: Study by Bethany Chapel Working Group. A Summary Paper Submitted to the Elders of Bethany Chapel. September 2018.

Also available, is the Elders 1995 document that has defined the church’s traditional position on WMML entitled:

  • Summary Interpretation of Three Key Passages Concerning the Public Ministry of Women. A Summary Paper by the Elders of Bethany Chapel. June 1995. This paper articulates a traditional/complementarian position regarding WMML.

To receive e-copies of all the above, please contact Steve Marston at steve(at)

The Elders have recommended that the membership consider adopting an egalitarian position for WMML, however, we humbly remain in a posture of listening to you, the congregation. Please study relevant materials, and be in prayer, as we look to the future of Bethany Chapel and pursue our vision. With this intent, we invite you to a time of clarification and discernment.

Please plan to join us for one of the following sessions, all held in the Fellowship Room at the church:

Friday, February 8, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Saturday, February 9, 9:30am – 11:00am (childcare available)

Sunday, February 10, 6:30pm – 8:00pm

This will be a time of sharing, listening to one another, and prayer.

Your servants,

The Elders