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Jorge and Gail Atiencia will be on the leadership team for the culmination of the “Facilitators Training Event” in Lima from July 4 to 8.  The “facilitators” are those who do the teaching in national Langham-escuelitas workshops in Latin America for the “formation” (training) of gifted Bible expositors.  Twenty-three participants from nine countries will “graduate” after three years.  Pray that we will hear God’s voice in the expositions and afternoon workshops and that these men and women will be used in the coming years, as the Lord ‘exalts his name and his Word’ (Psalm 138:2).


Gail will be in Calgary July 12-August 17.  Please pray for her as she travels and that her time here is a source of renewal.  Pray that we as a church can be a support and encouragement and her to Jorge. 

Dessert Night

The Missions Committee will be hosting a dessert night for Gail on Friday, July 15, 2016 at 7:00 PM. Please come to welcome and greet her and hear an update on the Atiencias’ ministry in Latin America.