Membership, Baptism & Child Dedication


If you are interested in child dedication, being baptised or pursuing membership at Bethany Chapel please contact the church office. Read on for more information.


Questions and Answers

1. What is Membership?

 Membership is a defining moment for each of us as we formally 'step out of the stands' and publicly affirm a commitment to a local church. 

2. What am I committing to if I become a Member?

In a general sense, you are simply committing to the fact that you want to grow in your walk with Christ through being a part of the community at Bethany Chapel. As well, you are saying that you agree with the vision, values, direction and leadership structure of this body and you will use your gifts in ministry to help accomplish the vision. These are the specific statements that all members agree with as set out in the Membership Covenant.

As a participating member I will commit to:

  • Protect the unity of my church.
  • Use my gifts to serve the ministry of my church.
  • Support the testimony of my church.
  • Seek to be a fully devoted follower of Christ.
  • Submit to the Elders of my church.
  • Tithe faithfully to my church. 

For more information about membership at Bethany Chapel please contact the church office at 403-249-8605 or by e-mail at


Questions and Answers

1. What is the Meaning of Baptism?

Water baptism is an external sign of the internal change that occurs when a person believes in Jesus Christ. 

Titus 3:5 says, "He (God) saved us, not because of righteous things we have done, but because of His mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Saviour". 

Baptism is also a symbol of a person's union by faith with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection.  

Romans 6:3-5 says, "...have you forgotten that when we became Christians and were baptized to become one with Christ Jesus, we died with Him? For we died and were buried with Christ by baptism. And just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, now we also may live new lives. Since we have been united with Him in His death, we will also be raised as He was." 

2. Who Should be Baptized?

The person who is a believer in Christ is ready for baptism. 

Acts 2:37 talks about the people who heard Peter's sermon: they were cut to the heart. They asked, "Brothers, what shall we do?" Peter replied, "Repent and be baptized" (v. 38). "Those who responded and accepted his message were baptized" (v. 41). 

In Acts 8:9-13, Philip is preaching in Samaria about Jesus Christ being the "good news." In verse 12, it states that "...those who believed in the message were baptized - both men and women." 


In these records, the person first believed in Jesus Christ and then was baptized. There is no reason for delaying baptism. When a person declares trust in Christ, they could be baptized.

Child Dedication

Questions and Answers

God, the Bible, and we as a church hold children with high regard so thank you for desiring to have your child dedicated at Bethany Chapel!

Dedication of children actually has a two-fold focus. Parents dedicate their child to the care, service and glory of Jesus Christ, publicly affirming that they desire that their child know, love and serve Jesus Christ throughout his / her life. They acknowledge God's priority in their child's life and yield him / her to the sovereignty of the Lord. At the same time, the dedication ceremony is a public dedication by parents of themselves to be stewards of the life of their child. It is a committment to honour Christ Jesus before their child, to direct him / her toward the Lord, and to obey Christ in the parenting process. It is a public acknowledgement of a role as stewards over children rather than owners. It is a public committment to raise their child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. In many ways, then, it is as much a dedication of parents as it is of children.

Download our child dedication application form and return it to the church office.

For more information please contact the church office at 403-249-8605 or by e-mail at