Sunday Services

The Core Elements

Sundays at Bethany Chapel can feel different from week to week, but the core elements remain. Worship, prayer, teaching and meeting together with others are constants.

The Breaking of Bread Service, Sundays at 9:15 AM

Open, Participatory Worship

The Breaking of Bread Service is an open, participatory worship service with scripture readings, comments, prayer, hymns and observance of communion. Sundays at 9:15 AM in the Fellowship Room. No childcare or programming is provided.

The Worship Celebration Service, Sundays at 10:45 AM

Our Goal

Bethany Chapel seeks to bring you into a close relationship with one another and God. It is our goal that you personally experience both every week through music, the message, prayer and meeting together. You will enjoy an experience that is both contemporary and meaningful to today's life situations. The first Sunday of the month usually includes a communion service as well. 

WORSHIPING Through Music

Our Sunday worship service is led by our worship team, and features a mix of contemporary and traditional music led by a group of people that we refer to as our Worship Team. We incorporate a variety of instruments, diverse musical styles, and on most Sundays you can expect to hear keyboards, drums, bass guitar and piano. We also provide opportunity for those wishing prayer for their needs. 

The Message

The service is usually highlighted with an address from one of our pastors (check out some recent sermons) and is designed to conclude fairly close to 12:00 noon.